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I have been a PhD student at the University of Stuttgart since July 2022. I am very pleased to be able to work intensively on my self-chosen research topic over the next few years. Working title: Labeling Elder Mistreatment - Individual Perception of Deviant Behaviour towards Elder Persons.


After a speedy and very well-organized writing process and a brisk peer-review process, our paper on the acceptance of those doing community service to support caring relatives has now been published in the journal Das Gesundheitswesen.


Since 2018, I have taught the courses Statistics I and Research Project for first-semester students as well as Questionnaire Design for third-semester students at CHG Zurich every year. In spring 2023 I taught the exciting but also very resource-intensive course Research Project for the last time (for the moment). Alongside the doctorate, it is unfortunately (for me) not possible to continue this in the same high quality as before.
This year I received the Award for Best Teaching from CHG (part of Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences) for my Statistics teaching (which I will continue). I am very happy about this honour! Also (or especially?) because statistics is often not the subject that students are looking forward to, I like to accompany and support them in the process of understanding. The fact that the students express through their evaluation of my teaching that they obviously (mostly) approve of my approach is an additional

At the APOLLON University of Health Sciences (Bremen), I continuously supervise seminars and theses. The latter are predominantly empirical and deal with such fascinating and relevant topics as self-desenitization in nursing, shift work in hospitals and motivational incentives for nursing staff in inpatient facilities. Here, too, I am always amazed at the level of commitment and heart and soul with which the students devote themselves to their topic.

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